Welcome to Battery C

Battery C, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery is an all-volunteer, non-profit, living history organization. The present day's Battery is dedicated to preserving the memory of those brave men of Battery C in the 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery whose selfless dedication and incalculable sacrifice contributed to the suppression of the Southern Insurrection and preservation of the Union from 1861 until 1864.

Here you will learn more about the Battery, from its early inception in 1861 to documented engagements. The gallery section of the site offers a depiction of what those early years were like as well as current photos of today's Battery C.

"Here, in the dread tribunal of last resort, valor contended against valor. Here brave men struggled and died for the right as God gave them to see the right."

Adlai Stevenson

Official History: 1865
Organization & Drill